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About Us

What do we offer?

We create smart design bag products that are functional, harmonious and evoke emotions. Whether you choose a Bag Factor reusable shopping grocery bag, compression packing cubes, or a crossbody sling bag, each of these products claims to be the best of its kind on the market.

crossbody sling bags shopping bags compression packing cubes


How do our bags stand out from the competition?

Bag Factor bags are always ahead of the competition either in design aesthetics or functionality or quality, because when developing new products, we always strive to create a bag that is ahead of the best bags on the market in these three parameters.


What is brand philosophy?

We support the philosophy of continuous improvement and change the design of our products as soon as we realize that they can be improved. 

compression packing cubes evolution  


How does Bag Factor guarantee high quality?

With quality at the forefront, Bag Factor typically provides longer warranties than the competition, ranging from a one-year warranty on shopping bags to a lifetime warranty on packing cubes.


What is the story behind Bag Factor?

Any product can be improved in design or functionality. This idea inspired the founder of Bag Factor who had previously built a successful career working for multinational companies and had a passion for bag design. The business began with a private label for packing cubes on Amazon and has expanded over time to other lines of bag products.