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Compression Packing Cubes for Travel Premium Ultralight Waterproof - Bag Factor Luggage Organizer Set (Light Grey)

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  • UNMATCHED COMBINATION OF PREMIUM FEATURES: Lifetime warranty, modern design, lightweight and durable materials that add no extra weight to luggage, water-tight defense for over 12 hours, waterproof mesh window, luggage-adapted handles, reliable YKK brand zippers, and exquisite rich details.
  • FINEST CRAFTSMANSHIP AND TOP-NOTCH MATERIALS: Our compression packing bags are meticulously crafted with custom-made waterproof diamond ripstop nylon for ultralight and double-sided cubes. Each bag is equipped with high-quality YKK zippers, reinforced stitching, reliable grab handles, and impeccably finished seams, ensuring unparalleled durability and enduring quality.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED SMART CARRYON LUGGAGE BAGS (ALSO FOR DUAL SIDED PACKING CUBES): versatile suitcase organizer, backpack organizer, and messenger bag organizer, this set fits perfectly into carryon luggage due to thought out design.
  • SPACE SAVING, ANTI-WRINKLE SUPPORT (ALSO FOR 2 SIDE SPLIT CUBES): enhanced compression zippers keep clothes and toiletries neatly organized while our compact cube pack also helps prevent them shifting during transit to minimize wrinkles or wear.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Our packing cubes have undergone extensive testing over the years, ensuring their durability and quality. As a result, we proudly offer a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. In the unlikely event of any issues, please reach out to us for warranty claims via Amazon support or our official website.
Product Details:

· Large Cube: 15.7” x 11.8” x 3.9” (Jackets, Pants, Sweaters, Dresses, Skirts)

· Medium Cube: 13.8” x 9.8” x 3.9” (Shirts, Blouses, T-Shirts, Shorts)

· Small Cube: 11” x 6.9” x 3.9” (Undergarments)

· Slim Cube: 11” x 4.3” x 3.9” (Undergarments, Toiletries, Cables)

· Flat Space Saving Laundry/Multifunctional Bag: 18.5” x 14.2” (Dirty Clothes/Shoes/Other)