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What Do Customers Not Pay Attention To When Choosing Packing Cubes And Compression Packing Cubes?

Posted by Glen Flint on

The large selection of packaging cubes on Amazon poses a difficult choice for the buyer, as packaging bags are often similar in size, color and design. Variety of cubes with mesh panels or fully enclosed panels, regular cubes or compression cubes. However, there is one parameter that is not often emphasized by manufacturers of packing cubes, and potential buyers also do not pay attention to this parameter. This parameter is the weight of the packing cubes.

Obviously, it is very important for the buyer that compression cubes or regular packing cubes do not add weight to the luggage. The difference in weight between the lightest and heaviest good selling pack cubes is over one pound. However, the buyer often does not pay attention to the weight of the packaging bags, believing that the manufacturer has provided everything ideally for the buyer in this aspect. Unfortunately, it is not. There are many packing cube sellers on the market who do not have their own understanding of the packaging cube design requirements, but only copy the design of luggage organizers that sell well.

Ultralight Compression Packing Cubes

 The material of packing bags is a key factor in determining their weight. Too thick nylon will add extra weight to, for example, compression packing cubes, but will also make them strong enough that the cubes will not break when compressed. The ideal balance is one in which the material of the packaging cubes is strong enough, but at the same time as light as possible so as not to add additional weight. At the same time, a brand selling packaging cubes may choose not the material that is suitable for a good design of packaging cubes, but the material that the manufacturer has in stock.

Therefore, we recommend looking at the weight of the packaging cubes when buying them, as well as customer reviews, to make sure that the material is strong enough and does not tear.

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