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Waterproof Compression Packaging Cubes

Posted by Glen Flint on

We conducted research on what qualities of packaging cubes are important for the consumer. The most significant was the protection of clothing while traveling from spills of liquid, dust and other external influences, such as air humidity and unpleasant odors.

waterproof compression packing cubes


So the idea was born to create waterproof packaging cubes with a transparent mesh made of composite material, which makes it possible to see what is inside the cubes while ensuring water resistance. For the fabric, we have chosen a 300d polyester with a water-repellent coating. This material is strong enough for intensive use of compression cubes, does not create a feeling of flimsy, but it does not add extra weight to the packing cubes, and they do not burden the traveler's luggage. Also, this material, due to its properties, is extremely rarely catched  by a compression zipper. If this happens, then you need to move the head of the compression zipper back, freeing the fabric. We also recommend placing your finger on the back of the zipper head for a smoother compression.

compression packing cubes zipper

As zippers, we give preference to the recognized world leader brand YKK, since such zippers are reliable and durable and recognizable by the buyer. Additionally, we equip zippers with extended holders for more convenient fastening.


YKK zipper for packing cubes

We close two small packing cubes for underwear to preserve the privacy of their contents. The traveler always knows what is in his small packing cubes, but no one except him sees their contents. Agree, there may be situations when you have to open your luggage or backpack in front of strangers at the airport or on a hike and you would not like to show your packed underwear to others.

small packing cubes

The new version of our compression packing cubes equipped with handles that can now be easily fixed to a luggage. Our cubes are sized to match the airline's requirements for personal items that can be taken into the cabin with carry-on luggage, and our neutral styling bags will harmonize with your luggage.

Successful testing of our packing cubes over several years has allowed us to change the warranty against defects, in workmanship and material quality, from one year to a lifetime. Please contact us for warranty claims through Amazon support or the website.




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