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A Comprehensive Guide to Sling Bag EDC: Interior, Exterior and Wearing Style

Posted by Hlib Kremen on

Introduction: Crossbody sling bags have become an essential accessory for people who carry their everyday essentials with them. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know about the EDC (Every Day Carry) sling bag. We will talk about its interior requirements, exterior design, and wearing style.


1. What is Sling Bag EDC? An EDC sling bag is a bag that allows you to carry your everyday essentials, such as a smartphone, keys, wallet, ID, glasses, and small gadgets like tablets, chargers, power banks, headphones, and cables. It helps you avoid carrying all these things in your pockets or hands.

    2. Crossbody Sling Bag EDC Interior Requirements: The optimal size of an EDC sling bag should accommodate all the items you carry. Bag Factor has designed two models of EDC bags: a small crossbody sling bag that fits all EDC items, including a small tablet, and an even smaller sling bag for those who prefer a minimum size. It's important to have partitions and pockets inside to avoid scratches on items like keys, glasses, smartphones, wallets, and knives. The Bag Factor's EDC Sling offers a large partition with a mesh pocket to keep smaller items from moving around the bag.


    3. Sling Crossbody EDC Bag Exterior: The EDC crossbody bag has a minimalist style with clean lines that blend in with any silhouette. Its modern, sophisticated, and elegant appearance exudes effortless sophistication. Its ergonomic fit allows comfortable wear in multiple positions, making it a versatile accessory.

    Crossbody Sling Bag EDC Men

    4. How to Wear Sling EDC Bag: The EDC crossbody bag can be worn on the back, over the shoulder, in front of the chest, or horizontally below the chest. Wearing it in front allows you to keep it in your field of vision, while wearing it at the back makes it invisible in front of your silhouette. Bag Factor's EDC Sling is designed to be easily moved from front to back with a single hand movement.

    Crossbody Sling EDC Bag Women

    We believe that individuals aim to carry as minimal items as possible with them, often limiting themselves to a single phone that can be used for payments, keys, and identification. This approach results in a reduction of their Every Day Carry (EDC) kit, leading to a decrease in the size of sling bags designed for EDC. As a result, we anticipate an upsurge in the popularity of small and mini crossbody sling bags EDC.

    concealed carry crossbody sling bag edc

    5. Concealed Carry Adaptability : The Bag Factor crossbody sling bag is an excellent choice for concealed carry enthusiasts due to its thoughtful design and durable construction. The bag features a straight-line zipper with an easy-to-grab puller, ensuring quick and efficient extraction of a firearm when needed. This accessibility is crucial in critical situations. Additionally, the bag's material is made of robust nylon 1680D, providing exceptional durability and strength to withstand daily use and potential wear and tear. With its combination of accessibility and durability, the Bag Factor crossbody sling bag offers a reliable and discreet solution for those seeking a concealed carry option.

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