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Our Goal Is to Create the Best Foldable Heavy Duty Reusable Grocery Bag

Posted by Glen Flint on

There is a large offer of various reusable shopping bags. However, the bags are very similar to each other in terms of design and functionality. Most of these foldable shopping bags require you to fold them according to special instructions, which is not very convenient. There are some reusable shopping bags that can be stuffed into a pouch, but when folded, these eco bags are too big due to the thick material. By the way, many manufacturers use polyester reusable grocery bags, which makes them not durable enough compared to the same bags made of nylon.

For our soon-to-be-released foldable reusable shopping bag, we've opted for a lightweight parachute nylon 66 that is 30% more wear-resistant than regular nylon. This nylon also has a ripstop function, which prevents the fabric from tearing if a small puncture hole forms. We also coated the inside of the reusable shopping bag with a layer of polyurethane to make the fabric waterproof up to 1500mm, which will allow the nylon to keep spilled liquid out and possibly prevent, for example, a stain on your car seat.

foldable reusable grocery bag heavy duty

It is very convenient to push our reusable shopping bag tote into the drawstring bag, as we have carefully calculated the dimensions of the drawstring bag. We also paid great attention to the aesthetic appeal of the drawstring bag, since this is the thing that the buyer will carry with him every day, and such things should not look cheap, but rather give their owner constant aesthetic pleasure.

foldable reusable shopping bag


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