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Do Compression Packing Cubes Really Save Space in Luggage?

Posted by Glen Flint on

While analyzing the returns of compression packing bags by Amazon customers, we noticed that one of the main reasons for the return is the lack of saving space in luggage. Customers have complained that when compressed, the cubes only compress the contents at the edges, leaving a bubble-like bulge in the middle. In this case, packing organizers really take on a shape that does not help save space in luggage.

Such a bubble really occurs when the compression zipper of packing cubes is fastened, if they are heavily stuffed with things, say 150-200% of the volume of packing cubes. However, the bulge is even greater if the compression cube panel is made of mesh, as the mesh is stretched. Knowing this feature, we use a narrow mesh window for our packaging cubes, which does not allow the mesh to stretch.

dual sided packing cubes

Compression packaging cubes save space in luggage if they are loaded by 70-90% of their volume. In this case, when the compression zipper is fastened, the cubes acquire a more or less flat shape, reducing their volume by 30-40%. If you need to overstuff the compression cubes with clothes, then we recommend that you do not fasten the compression zipper and use the compression cubes like regular packaging cubes, since in this case they will have a flat shape.

We wish you comfortable travels!


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