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Designing a Small Foldable Reusable Shopping Bag

Posted by Glen Flint on



Many customers would be interested in a shopping bag the size of a standard grocery bag that folds easily into a built-in pouch. This foldable shopping bag is easy to carry in your backpack, shoulder bag or car. We decided to create such a bag and therefore, compactness when folded was a special requirement for such a bag. In addition, like other Bag Factor bags, this bag must be durable, hard-wearing and have a stylish design.

 As a material, we took premium 250D nylon, which has high wear and puncture resistance. Testing has shown that a small shopping bag will last at least a year without major damage, that is why we provide a one-year warranty on a new bag.

Unlike cheap shopping bags, where the handles dig painfully into the palms or shoulders under the weight of products, we have equipped the handles of our bag with pads to reduce pressure. No matter how hard you load our bag with products, it will not hurt your shoulders or palms. You will feel the difference compared to other bags as soon as you take our compact shopping bag in your hands - it is much more comfortable to hold it compared to other bags.

Like the larger Bag Factor bags, the new compact bag has two outer pockets zippered by the YKK brand. These external pockets are very handy for smartphones, keys, coins and anything else that can be put in the external pockets of bags while shopping, going to the beach and going to a picnic.

reusable shopping bag with closure


As an option, we have equipped the blue bag with a drawstring at the top to secure the contents of the bag. Such puffs are especially convenient if it is important for you that the purchased food does not fall out during transportation in a car or, for example, that sand does not get inside the bag if you took it on a picnic.

During the design process, it was important for us that the bag not only has extended functionality, but also gives a premium feeling, because we believe that all things that a person uses every day should be of high quality and not give a feeling of cheapness. Through design, premium nylon, and quality workmanship, our new compact bag feels like a premium shopping bag.

Try out our new foldable compact bag while shopping, traveling or going on a picnic! We will be grateful for feedback and comments.


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