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Compression Packing Cubes Are a Good Solution for One-Day Business Trips

Posted by Glen Flint on

There are situations when you need to go on a business trip for a day and you do not want to take anything from your luggage with you, except for a laptop bag. In this case, compression packing cubes can be the perfect solution as they fit well in the laptop bag compartment. For example, our large 16-inch pack cube will fit everything you need for a day trip: a pair of shirts, a set of underwear, a pair of socks, a sweater and a few other essentials. Thanks to the compression function, the thickness of such a cube is reduced to 2 inches and fits well in thickness in a laptop bag. Arriving at the hotel, in one motion you take out a compression packing cube with things folded in it and put it in a closet. Now all things are at your fingertips.

compression packing cubes in a luggage

Can you imagine what a mess your belongings would be if you just crammed them into the compartment of your laptop bag? Things would be crumpled and mixed up. In our case, the compression packing cube presses the clothes against each other, preventing them from moving and rubbing against each other.

We wish you comfortable travels!


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