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Clean-Dirty Packing Cubes: The Secret to Smarter Packing

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Double-sided packing cubes clean-dirty  with a compression function and compartments for clean and dirty clothes are the pinnacle of packing cube evolution today. After all, this type of packing bags allows you not only to organize clothes in your luggage, save space, but also to store separately clean and dirty clothes, wet and dry, within each packing cube.

The Bag Factor brand has been making and testing compression packing cubes and clean/dirty packing cubes for five years. We are proud to offer the best double-sided compression packing cubes with clean-dirty compartments in the market and want to tell you about the benefits of using clean/dirty cubes because we know a lot about them.


1. The main advantages of double-sided packing cubes with a clean / dirty function.

Before the advent of packaging cubes with a clean/dirty function, storing dirty clothes was either trusted to a laundry bag, or simply placed all dirty things in a separate plastic bag, which was then thrown away, which is not entirely environmentally friendly.

It is much more convenient when you can move clean and dirty clothes within one packing cube, and in a situation where you need to take still damp things and pack them, double-sided packing cubes are mega convenient. Bag Factor's Clean-Dirty/Double-Sided Compression Packing Cubes are made from waterproof nylon, including a flexible divider between compartments that makes sure your wet clothes don't seep through the baffle and onto your clean clothes.

Also, when using dual sided packing cubes, some users may get a negative false impression that dirt or smell from dirty clothes can seep through the partition between compartments and get on clean clothes. This can indeed happen if the manufacturer of such packaging cubes does not care enough about the quality of the material of the double-sided packaging bags and does not provide a sufficient level of waterproofing. Packing cubes with compartments for clean and dirty clothes Bag Factor are made of nylon with a water resistance level of 3000 mm, which will not allow moisture or odor to seep through the flexible partition.



2. Additional Uses of Clean-Dirty / Double-Sided Packing Cubes

 According to the experience of buyers of double-sided packing cubes from Bag Factor, such packing bags can be well used for going to the beach or to the pool, when you need to pack wet and dry things at the same time in one packing cube. For example, wet bathing suit and dry clothes. In this case, double-sided packaging cubes are very convenient.

There are also situations where you need to ensure that a part of your clothing, such as wet or dirty, is securely sealed so that odor or moisture does not get into the rest of your luggage. Clean dirty packing cubes in this case are an excellent solution, of course, if you use a material with the right level of water resistance, like Bag Factor.

Double-sided packaging cubes clean/dirty from Bag Factor are designed in such a way that one compartment has a ventilation function, and the other compartment is water and dustproof. This allows you to reliably protect part of your clothes from the influence of external factors such as dust and moisture by placing your clothes in a waterproof compartment, and the dirty or wet part of your clothes can be dried if you put them in a ventilated compartment, which will prevent mold in a long time storage.


Also, do not forget that each double-sided packing cube has two compartments inside, which can be used not only for clean and dirty clothes, but also simply for convenient separate storage of things. For example, in one compartment you can store clothes, and in the other books or cables for gadgets, providing separate access to these items.



3. Double-sided packing cubes clean/dirty  with or without compression?

If you have the ability to pay a few extra bucks for each packing cube, then we recommend packing cubes with a clean/dirty function with compression. If the compression cubes are filled to 75% - 90%, and then the compression zipper is fastened, then in this case the double-sided compression packaging cubes actually save up to 50% of your luggage space, acquiring a more or less flat shape.

Also, as a rule, users of double-sided packing cubes fill the dirty clothes compartment without folding them much, which creates extra volume for your luggage, so the compression function will reduce the volume of your luggage, including packed dirty clothes. Therefore, we recommend purchasing double-sided compression packing cubes.

Click if you want to learn more about the comparison between the compression packing cubes and double-sided packing cubes with clean/dirty compartments.

4. How to care for clean dirty packing cubes / double-sided packing cubes.

In most cases, packaging cubes, including double-sided ones, are made of nylon or polyester coated with a layer of polyurethane or silicone for water resistance. In order not to damage this protective layer, either hand or machine wash in a delicate mode with a temperature of up to 30 degrees Celsius is necessary. At the same time, drying of double-sided packaging cubes should be done avoiding high temperatures of dryers and strong sunlight.

packing cubes clean dirty

5. Clean-Dirty Packing Cubes: The Ultimate Convenience for Organizing Your Travel Wardrobe

Streamlining your travel organization has never been easier than with clean-dirty packing cubes, featuring separate compartments for organizing your clothes. These innovative travel essentials offer a practical solution to keep your wardrobe neat and hygienic throughout your journey. With one side dedicated to clean clothes and the other for soiled items, you can effortlessly segregate your garments and avoid any cross-contamination. Not only does this arrangement save you precious time when searching for specific outfits, but it also ensures your fresh attire remains odor-free and unspoiled. When laundry day arrives, you can easily access the designated dirty clothes section, making the process of washing and sorting a breeze.

6. How to pack in double-sided compression packing cubes with compartments for clean and dirty clothes.

Watch the video from Bag Factor demonstrating the process of packing of clean and dirty clothes in double-sided packing  cubes followed by a compression process.

how to pack clean dirty packing cubes

Following the link below, you can purchase dual sided packing cubes clean dirty  on our website, as well as on our Amazon store.


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