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Benefits of Dual Sided (Clean/Dirty) Packing Cubes

Posted by Glen Flint on


Have you noticed the problem of storing dirty clothes at the end of a long trip? Some packing cubes sets have a laundry bag to put dirty items in, but this bag is smaller than packing cube, so not all of your stale clothes can fit in there. Also, the shape of the filled laundry bag is not optimal to fit well into your luggage or backpack. Therefore, as a rule, it takes more time to pack your staff on the way back.

packing cubes clean dirty split compartments double sided

Some travellers move clean and dirty items between packing cubes. For example, stale shirts and shorts are placed in a large packing cube, clean shirts remain in the middle cube, and laundry is sorted between a small and slim packing case. Such an approach, indeed, can be a way out in such a situation, but if you filled the cubes completely before the trip, then you will not be able to avoid mixing clean and dirty clothes.

 compression packing cubes clean and dirty dual sided


Double-sided packing cubes solve the problem of separating clean and dirty items during the trip. These cubes have a floating bottom (divider) and two compartments where you can place clean and dirty clothes so that they do not touch. As a rule, the divider is made of a completely waterproof material to ensure the freshness of clean items. For example, this is very convenient in a situation where you do not have time to dry your wet swimsuit on the last day of your vacation, but you need to take it with you in your luggage. In this case, you simply place the swimsuit in the appropriate compartment that does not come into contact with other things. It should be remembered that wet things cannot be left without ventilation for a long time, so that an unpleasant odor does not appear.


Another advantage of double-sided packing cubes is the uniformity of their filling, since there is no necessity to separate clean and dirty clothes between cubes. Clothes are moved from one compartment to another inside the packing cube, maintaining its optimal shape. This is very convenient, for example, when packing a backpack, when it is important that every centimeter of free volume is optimally filled.

Both compartments of the double-sided packing cube can also be used to separate clean clothes, for example, fold shirts in one compartment and T-shirts in the other to facilitate access to different groups of items.

We wish you a comfortable journey, no matter what packing cubes you use.


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