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Basic Packing Cubes vs Double-Sided Compression Packing Cubes.

Posted by Glen Flint on

A set of packing cubes with a compression function costs about 30% more than basic packing cubes. If compression packaging cubes also have separate compartments for clean and dirty clothes, then the difference in price with conventional packaging cubes can be 100%.

What extra features do we get for the extra money?

 double-sided packing cubes

Dual-sided packaging cubes give much more packaging flexibility as they allow clean and dirty clothes, wet clothes and dry clothes to be packed separately. In fact, each double-sided packing cube is two packaging cubes. Bag Factor double-sided packaging cubes are made of 3000 mm waterproof nylon, which does not allow moisture to seep in or out for more than a day. This quality is very handy when packing wet swimwear. You will be sure that moisture will not wet dry clothes through a flexible separator.

Those who prefer to save luggage space as much as possible can use the compression function of the double-sided compression packing cubes, which saves up to 50% of space. In addition, compression packing cubes prevent clothes from shifting during transit, preventing wear and tear and wrinkling.

Thus, paying extra for double-sided compression packing cubes compared to basic packing cubes can be quite justified if you are an avid traveler who appreciates maximum convenience when packing clothes.

We wish you comfortable travels!


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